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Price list of the "Quality Rental" in Selva di Val Gardena

Ski and snowboard equipment prices for adults and children, rental conditions and delivery service to your hotel by the ski rental of the ski school Selva.

  Days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Ski adults Beginner 2 ** €19.00 €33.00 €45.50 €55.50 €64.00 €71.00 €79.00 €85.00 €92.50 €99.50 €106.50 €114.00 €121.50
Standard 3 *** €27.00 €44.50 €58.50 €72.20 €85.00 €95.50 €105.00 €114.00 €123.00 €133.00 €142.00 €151.00 €159.00
Superior 4 **** €32.00 €54.50 €72.50 €89.50 €104.00 €117.50 €128.00 €138.50 €148.00 €157.00 €166.00 €175.50 €185.50
Top 5 ***** €38.50 €67.50 €94.00 €113.50 €132.50 €145.50 €161.00 €174.50 €188.50 €202.00 €215.00 €229.50 €242.50
Top Jun. €30.50 €48.00 €64.50 €81.00 €94.50 €106.50 €116.50 €127.50 €138.00 €148.00 €157.00 €166.00 €175.50
Ski boots adults €12.00 €19.00 €27.00 €33.00 €38.00 €43.50 €48.50 €51.50 €54.50 €57.00 €59.00 €61.00 €63.00
Ski boots adults TOP €14.50 €23.00 €32.50 €39.50 €45.50 €52.00 €58.00 €61.50 €65.50 €68.50 €70.50 €73.00 €75.50
Helmets adults €3.50 €7.00 €10.50 €14.00 €17.50 €21.00 €25.00 €28.50 €32.00 €35.50 €39.00 €42.50 €46.00
Ski children Kids 111-140 cm €12.00 €21.50 €29.00 €36.00 €44.00 €48.00 €52.50 €56.50 €60.50 €65.50 €69.50 €74.00 €79.50
Baby 60-110 cm €10.00 €18.00 €24.00 €30.50 €35.00 €38.00 €42.00 €45.00 €48.00 €51.00 €54.00 €58.00 €60.00
Ski boots children 23-32,5 €5.50 €9.50 €13.50 €16.50 €19.50 €22.50 €24.00 €26.50 €28.00 €29.50 €31.00 €32.50 €34.00
Ski boots children 33-37,5 €7.00 €14.00 €19.00 €24.00 €28.50 €32.00 €34.00 €35.50 €37.00 €38.50 €40.50 €42.00 €43.50
Helmet children €1.50 €3.00 €4.50 €6.00 €7.50 €9.00 €10.50 €12.00 €13.50 €15.00 €16.50 €18.00 €19.50
Snowboard Adults 3 *** €23.50 €43.50 €56.50 €69.00 €80.50 €88.50 €96.00 €103.00 €110.00 €116.50 €123.50 €131.50 €138.00
Children €19.00 €29.50 €37.00 €44.50 €50.50 €55.50 €60.50 €66.50 €71.00 €77.00 €82.50 €87.50 €93.00

General terms and conditions of renting 1. The rented equipment can be picked up after 3:00 p.m. of the day before the rental period starts.
2. The rented equipment must be paid including the day of restitution, if returned after 9.00 a.m.
3. It is always possible to substitute the rented equipment with other gear having the same price. The first change is free of charge.
4. It is also possible to substitute the equipment with gear of another category having a different price. In case a higher category is chosen, the price difference will be charged. There will be no refund for changes to a lower category.
5. The advance cancellation of the rental contract is possible by returning the equipment without claims for refund by the customer. Refunds are granted only in the event of illness and/or injuries proven by a valid health certificate.
6. The customer takes the responsibility for the rented equipment.
7. The equipment is not insured. By means of a regulating agreement and by paying an additional 10% of the rental price, the risk of breakage of the equipment passes entirely to the owner.
8. In case of total breakage of the rented equipment without regulating agreement, the equipment must be refunded by the customer to the extent of 50% of the list price submitted by the manufacturer.
9. In case of theft, the rented equipment must be refunded by the customer to the extent of 50% of the list price submitted by the manufacturer.
10. In case of theft, the customer must report to the competent local authorities.
11. In case of partial damage of the equipment without regulation agreement, the repair expenses will be charged to the customer according to the valid price list for repairs. Rules for the collection of the equipment at your hotel

12.1 The ski rental needs an authorization to withdraw an amount from your credit card for eventually thefts or damages on the equipment (if you don’t have a own insurance).
12.2 The signature on the receipt of the ski rental will authorize the staff to pick up the equipment the evening of the last day of hire directly at the hotel.
12.3 Your duty is to have your equipment ready in the skiroom within 5.30pm of the last day of hire.
12.4 If the clause number 3. will not be completed and the staff of the ski rental has to show up several times at your hotel to pick up the equipment a tariff amount will be charged from your credit card.
12.5 If you decide to rent the equipment one or more days you need to tell this to the ski rental and the payment has to be done within 5pm of the last day of hire expected.
12.6 After 5pm, if the collection was already done, the price will be the same as for your first day of hire. Online content The ski rental (hereafter referred to as "author") assumes no liability whatsoever for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author, related to material or ideal damage and which have been caused by the use or improper use of the information provided, or by the use of inaccurate and incomplete information, are expressly ruled out in so far as the author has not acted in a way which is demonstrably either intentionally or grossly negligent.
All offers are subject to change and are non-binding. The author reserves the expressed right to amend, add to or delete parts of pages, or the entire offer, without special notice. References and links With regards to direct or indirect references to external Internet sites ("links") which are themselves outside the field of responsibility of the author, liability for illegal content will only then be assumed if the author has knowledge of the content of those sites and it is technically feasible and reasonable for the author to prevent usage of said sites.
The author hereby expressly declares that, at the time links were installed on this site, no illegal content was apparent on the targeted sites. This declaration applies to all links placed within its own Internet site, as well as to entries in mailing lists created by the author and to comments in the photo gallery.
Sole liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and particularly for damages which might by caused by use or non-use of any such information supplied, is borne by the provider of the target site, and not by the provider who included a link to that particular site. Copyright and trademarking The author makes every effort in all publications to respect copyright on all graphics, audio files, video clips and texts, and to make use of self-created graphics, audio files, video clips and texts, or to avail himself of non-licensed graphics, audio files, video clips and texts.
All those brand names and trademarks cited in the author's Internet platform, some of which are, on occasion, protected by third parties, are subject without restriction to applicable copyright laws and the proprietary rights of the registered owners. The conclusion should not be drawn from their mere naming, that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights.
Copyrights for those objects published and created by the author himself, remain solely with the author. Duplication or use of such graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts in other electronic or print publications, is not permitted, except with the expressed permission of the author.

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