More than a Skirental

Best quality of ski and snowboard equipment, ski helmets and ski boots

The model TOP belongs to a 5 and 6 star range. These skis are all brand-new and the best available in our shop. By the end of January, the ski models of the next season will be at our customers' disposal.
Thanks to an efficient disposal system, we are able to renew every year about 60% - 70% of the equipment, which in any case never lasts more than three years.
Even children deserve to have high-tech and well tuned skis along with well fitting ski boots. The material used for manufacturing ski boots is extremely sensitive to wear and tear and in the course of the time affects considerably the performance of the boot. Equipment which is not in good conditions automatically influences our skiing performance in a negative way.

Hygienic conditions:

Our ski boots and helmets are disinfected with specific antibacterial detergents after every single use. Then they are placed on our UV-light boot dryer.
There are several methods to protect oneself from bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. Microorganisms fluctuating in the air - and therefore also in the ski boots - are sensitive to UV-light. The disinfection of the air grants a considerable reduction of pathogens in the environment, because the natural air circulation takes at least once all layers of air through the field of irradiation. Thanks to the UV-light disinfection, the air is free of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi.