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Ski service in Selva - Snowboard and ski tuning

Ski waxing, edge grinding, best consultation - our experts tune your equipment with the most modern machines and expert ability.

A perfectly tuned ski is not only the basic prerogative for skiing well, but also to have fun and to enjoy the holiday feeling safe. This is the reason why we trust in the technology of the machine produced by the company Wintersteiger - a worldwide leader in this field. The feather on our cap is the so called "Wintersteiger's masterpiece": the machine is named "Discovery SSF" and there are only 3 of them all over Italy!
The ski men's professionalism in tuning the equipment is a service we grant to all customers applying to our ski rental. We grant efficiency and safety.

Skis tuned with our machine have the following features: - Easier turning
- Less strength required
- Perfectly sharpened edges and therefore excellent control of the ski or the snowboard (particularly important on artificial snow and ice)
- Better gliding on all kinds of snow
- Better grip and more safety on ice
- Result: tuning + safety = ultimate winter fun

Gliding Turning Control
A ski with a ruined and scratched base glides badly. The ski is slow! A damaged base compromises the turning capability and the stability of the direction. A scratched base causes an uneven distribution of the weights and, as a consequence, it is more difficult to glide and to turn.
A convex or concave ski from edge to edge is difficult to control and glides jerkily. Knotty or convex gliding surfaces need an extreme edge angle and are unstable at high speed.
Edges with different angles, rust, hits as well as wear and tear hamper the controlled angling of the ski.
A well-tuned ski has scratches repaired with p-tex. The tuned surface must be perfectly clean, flat and slightly structured. Regular waxing protects the surface from oxidation caused by UV-light. Planarity from edge to edge means: excellent gliding and turning.
Flat surfaces make it easier to angle skis from one side to the other, allowing controlled turning. A basic characteristic of a good carving ski is a small edge angle (angle ca. 0.5°), because it allows easy turning and a quick angling of the ski.
The geometry of the edges must comply with the snow conditions and the individual manner of skiing. Edges having an angle of less than 90° grant a better control. This type of tuning is the best for races, carving, an aggressive manner of skiing and icy slopes.
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